Visit the Zoo with Your San Francisco Car Rental

Few attractions can keep everyone in the family entertained like the San Francisco Zoo. With well-maintained facilities, expansive enclosures, and incomparable animal encounters, this zoo is a must-see for anyone road tripping through California. Don’t miss out on a chance to see some of your favorite furry (or feathered) friends by paying a visit to one of the Golden State’s best zoos in your San Francisco car rental.


This world-class zoo can be found at 1 Zoo Road in San Francisco, CA – an appropriate address and an easy place to reach in your San Francisco car rental from Reliable Rent-A-Car.

Things to Do

Here’s a quick look at some of the fun you can get into when you take your car rental to the San Francisco Zoo.

Exhibits: The San Francisco Zoo is overflowing with high-quality exhibits. From the Australian Outback to the tropical forests of South America, you’ll encounter just about any environment you can think of. Each exhibit is packed to the gills with healthy, properly cared for animals, surrounded by comforts from their native habitats.

Animal Encounters: If you want to get an inside look at how zoos keep all of their animal tenants fed and happy, you’ve come to the right place. At the San Francisco Zoo, you can watch as experienced trainers hand feed creatures ranging from the playful penguins and pelicans to powerful beasts like grizzly bears and lions. Make sure to watch for posted feeding times upon arrival to the zoo.

For the Kids: Children will of course love everything about a trip to the zoo, but the San Francisco Zoo has a little something extra for its pint-sized patrons. The Little Puffer Miniature Steam Train, the Dentzel Carousel, and wonderful Elinor Friend Playground are all great attractions specifically designed to help you and your kids form lasting, fun-filled memories.


Throughout spring and summer the San Francisco Zoo is open daily from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.


Adults (15-64): $17

Seniors (65+): $14

Children (4-14): $11

Just as the San Francisco Zoo has an attraction for everyone in the family, Reliable Rent-A-Car has the perfect San Francisco car rental for your next trip – no matter where you’re headed. Contact us today at (415) 928-4414 to find out firsthand what a difference it can make to your vacation when you rent a reliable car.

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